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ชุดตรวจโรคแท้งติดต่อในสุนัข Brucella Fasttest

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ชุดตรวจโรคแท้งติดต่อในสุนัข Brucella Fasttest

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ราคาพิเศษ 800.00 บาท
ประหยัด 200.00 บาท

Brucella canis causes abortions and reproductive failures in dogs.

Brucellosis in the dog shows low prevalence, but occurs most commonly after ingestion of contaminated placental materials or aborted foetuses, vaginal discharges from infected bitches that are in heat or who abort, and during breeding. Following an abortion, Brucella c. may be shed for several weeks or, intermittently, for months. In females, the most prominent sign is abortion after 45-55 days of gestation in about 75% of the cases, but early embryonic death and reabsorption, or abortion 10-20 days after mating is reported. These may go unnoticed and the female may present with the chief complaint of failure to conceive. In males, the main sign is epididymitis of one or both testes, and infertility. Testicular atrophy and a moist scrotal dermatitis may be present. Semen from infected males usually contains large numbers of abnormal sperm and inflammatory cells, especially during the first 3 post-infection months.

Chronically infected males may have no sperm, or reduced numbers of immature sperm. Non-specific signs in both sexes include lethargy, loss of libido, premature aging and generalised lymph node enlargement.

FASTest BRUCELLA canis is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the detection of IgG antibodies in the anti-coagulated whole blood, plasma or serum of dogs. Showing high Sensitivity of 90.5% and Specificity of 88.4%, FASTest BRUCELLA canis test kit enables the veterinarian to confirm quickly and on site an estimated diagnosis and to start therapy and a Brucellosis Prevention Program adapted to the breeders needs.